Welcome to the world of Alliance!

A Family's Alliance Commercial

"A Family's Alliance" 
A brother and sister are having too much fun in the world of Alliance, but what about the rest of the family?


Director, Writer, & Editor - Cole Kornell 
colekornell.com                Motion Designer VFX - John Griffiths
jfgart.com                            Music Composed by Guido Arcella Diez

Alliance Lore Trailer

Welcome to the fantasy world of Alliance! Learn about the story, characters, and the monstrous threat of Zaldar, whom has returned from the dead, lusting for revenge, with a dragon army behind him. Who will form the new Alliance, that this war-torn world needs? Will it be you?!

Director/Writer/Editor - Cole Kornell
Motion Designer (3D/2D) - John Griffiths
Music Score & SFX by Luke Flynn 
lukeflynncompositions.com            Narrator V.O. - Jeffery Johnson

Alliance The Card Game


Originals...what started it all.